I had become so obsessed with the tv show Fringe that I went out and bought the box set so that I could watch it whenever I wanted. Especially intrigued by the experiences of Anna Torv’s character Olivia Dunham and feeling a connection to her because I had had a rather tumultuous childhood. Nothing quite as dramatic as having been experimented on but there was that one time, I was sitting covering my schoolbooks at the dining room table. My back to the doorway when clear as if someone had been standing there, I heard my name called. Not recognising the voice, I turned and found to my surprise that there was no one there.

And who could forget the tantrum because God would not give me the love doll I so badly wanted? My reflection staring back at me as I stood in the bedroom I shared with my sister wistfully looking up at the pretty blue sky having a conversation with God I asked with syrup dripping from my lips if I could please have the same love doll all my friends at school had. They did say in Sunday School that one should ask, and one would receive. I was doing it right wasn’t I? The asking rather nicely turned to pleading and eventually begging. Why wasn’t God listening to me? I had been a good girl; I mean I had not had a fight with my sister in over a week I was sure of it! Eventually loosing all the patience I had stored up in my little eight year old body, I started yelling. At God. Shouting that from my perspective he was the worst and was just not giving me what I wanted.

Out of nowhere these storm clouds began to darken the morning sky and as if conjured out of thin air, hail the size of golf balls began raining down. What had I done? Had I made God so angry and upset with me that he began punishing me with this hailstorm? As fast as I could get my little legs to obey me, I fell to me knees and stammering began to apologise. I did not mean to, it’s just that she is a beautiful doll and I am the only one in my class who doesn’t have one.

Immediately I began apologising, immediately the hail stopped, and the pretty blue sky began to reappear. There is no doubt in my mind that little Olivia was a terrified of Walter as I was of God on that day.

But I digress, my story began with my obsession with Fringe and one of my favourite scenes is when Olivia goes into the sensory deprivation tank and that was what I wanted to experience, explaining why I was surfing the internet in the first place.

Without understanding why I was so determined to have this experience, I came upon a website that had tanks. I was over the moon excited because now I got to experience a float tank just like Olivia! Browsing the website a bit more, I came across a tab that talked about Kinesiology. Even though I read all the explanations I still did not fully comprehend what exactly Kinesiology did, what I did know for sure - I was booking a session.

Following my intuition searching for the float tanks I discovered Kinesiology and became so inspired by it and the dramatic changes that have occurred in my life another determination started bubbling up in me - I was going to study this.

I know use Kinesiology as my superpower to help my clients overcome any negative emotions, limiting beliefs or sabotage programming holding them back from living their best lives. Talk about my intuition guiding me to the right place. And the love doll? My gran bought her for me, so God did acknowledge my plea just not in the time I insisted he did.

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