This stuff is pure magic and you know what? I am going to help so many people overcome all their issues. I had the solution at my fingertips. The solution was Kinesiology and I had discovered it while I was looking for a sensory deprivation tank. Synchronicity, right? I could not believe the changes in my life and all the Kinesiologist did was sit me down for a chat, make a few notes on her clipboard. Hop onto a massage table and then would either rub a few points on my body or make me follow her fingers like a ticking clock around my face and boom one day I was thinking and behaving in a certain way that was limiting my life and the next day I was not.

Ok, Ok I will be honest with you. It was not instantaneous; it was more gradual. It was just that one day I stopped dead in my tracks and thought to myself, isn’t that funny? I do not behave that way anymore. I decided then and there that I was going to start studying this part time because my job as a geotechnical engineer was not fulfilling anymore. Especially since the powers that be decided because of my bubbly personality I was best suited to marketing. The only person in the construction firm with an actual engineering qualification and they thought I should do marketing. I think the universe was sending me a message here.

I was hoping to study part time while I was still working but you know what they say about life is what happens to you while you are making other plans. Well that is what happened to me. I got retrenched and ended up studying the diploma course in one year instead of two and opened Inspired Personal Development on 1 August 2019. The magic that happens when I engage a client in a session is inspiring. I see the way their eyes light up when they make the connection for themselves. The unabashed surprise in their voices when they ask me: “How did you know that? I have not even discussed this with my wife.” I tell them repeatedly that their subconscious mind has told me, but they do not believe me. The best is when they I see them a week later and the naked delight on their faces because they cannot wait to tell me what has changed for them.

Kinesiology and I have had a somewhat tumultuous start to our journey and just between you and me. I do not think it is the Kinesiology’s fault. I was reminded a couple of months ago just how amazing and powerful Kinesiology is and so began practising it more regularly. It teaches me something new not every time, but most days and then from out of the blue the Kinesiology will take my client and I to a level we could not possibly dream of. I end up channelling a message for my client from a loved one. Kinesiology gives back even more because I also get to write about it and tell everyone else about its inherent magic.

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