What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional, or other energy, to establish the body’s priority healing needs, and to evaluate energy changes.

What is a Kinesiologist?

A good Kinesiologist is a blend between a guide, a coach, a wise observer and a companion who helps each client look at their life, see what is working and what is not, accept that change is needed and walk beside them as they make positive long-lasting changes that will enable them to live a life of purpose and discovering their own magic.

Kinesiology works with energy systems and assists clients to restore the flow of their own natural energies, maximize their body’s healing opportunities and help them achieve their maximum potential as a human being. It is about looking forward, finding ‘your magic’ and leaving obstacles of the past behind you.

What happens during an appointment?

A thorough history is taken, and a goal set for what you would like to achieve from the session. Muscle-testing is used to find energy imbalances and what corrections are needed. The corrections are made while related emotions are considered, awareness gained, and solutions found. By the end of the session, the previously stressful goal and emotions are no longer stressful, and any pain is usually reduced or removed.

What does muscle-testing involve?

I press on a muscle while asking a yes/no question and the muscle responds by either staying strong or weakening. The test relates to energy flow, rather than to the strength of the muscle.

What is a ‘balance’?

This is the term used for a Kinesiology appointment and relates to the balancing of energy and release of energy blockages.

What 'corrections' are used during a Kinesiology balance?

Professional Kinesiology Practitioners are trained in and use many different techniques as corrections, some of which have been adapted from Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture, and chiropractic theories. We also use gemstones, flower essences, colour, sound, nutritional supplements, brain integration exercises, as well as personality typing, emotional intelligence and much more. In addition, we consider stressful emotions relating to the problem, and we look at diet and lifestyle and any other changes a person may need to make.

What are some of the benefits of having a session with me?

Do not underestimate the power of talking to someone about what is happening in your life. You will have the opportunity to talk through your issues, and with my support, we will explore what is at the heart of the matter.  (Sometimes it is not what you think!).  Then together, we develop a plan which you can implement some small changes at home.  Because without change, nothing changes.

I specialize in balancing emotions and energy blocks so that people feel happier once they have detoxed themselves from old emotions and their energy is realigned.

How do online sessions work?

Online sessions feel remarkably similar to in-person balances.  The only difference is that I muscle test on your behalf.  I get the same insights and information as if you are in the room with me.  After we have discussed what is bothering you, I’ll begin to do muscle testing to explore the issues in greater detail and at a subconscious level.  Then do whatever corrections show up as being needed. Once the balance is completed, I will send you feedback on the session.

Is Kinesiology a form of medical treatment?

No. We do not diagnose, treat, or work with named diseases. We balance the body’s energy, thus promoting its own healing abilities. The client is an active participant. There is no such thing as a Kinesiology treatment, cure or remedy.

With Kinesiology, we are looking at how the person would like to feel or what they would like to achieve. Regardless of what the person's problem is, whether it is something life-threatening like cancer, or debilitating like arthritis or depression, we approach it in the same way. We also consider how the person is being held back, how their pain can be reduced and what they need to support them. This includes emotional aspects as well as the person's lifestyle and diet.

How many appointments will I need?

I think it is important to say outright that it is rare to achieve a miracle, quick fix, to any health issue. How long it takes for you to feel better really depends on how deeply ingrained your problem is, what stage you are at in the healing process and how ready you are to make changes in your life. Some people can experience huge results after just one session, but for the majority it takes time. Each person and each situation is different.

Is it safe?

Kinesiology is a safe, non-invasive, effective way to dissolve resistance to change at the subconscious level. A form of super learning and at its most basic level increases the “cross-talk” between the two brain hemispheres, thereby achieving a more “whole brained” state. This is ideal for changing subconscious beliefs and facilitating communication with both the conscious and the subconscious minds to change old sabotaging belief patterns into supportive ones.

Can Kinesiology be used with animals and babies?

In situations where it is not possible to use muscle-testing directly (as in the case of a baby, animal, or very frail person), I use a surrogate. While maintaining contact with the person or animal, the surrogate will be muscle-tested to find out what is going on and what needs to be done. The corrections are then made to the person or animal.

How can children benefit from Kinesiology?

Kinesiology can help children in many ways, for instance, if they are having difficulty at school, with learning, concentration, comprehension, memory, or any other aspect of schoolwork. There are various techniques and exercises they can use to enhance brain function and help them achieve their potential. Kinesiology can also help improve sports performance and speed up recovery from injuries. Emotional problems, such as anxiety, trauma, and stress, can benefit, as well as behavioural and relationship problems. Nutritional deficiencies and allergies can be checked and, in most cases, removed.

Can Kinesiology help me with allergies?

Kinesiology is an excellent way to find out what allergies you may have and, in most cases, to help clear them.

Can Kinesiology help me choose which supplements to take?

Kinesiology can be used to test what supplements are best for you and how many to take. It prevents you from spending money on supplements that are not beneficial for you or from taking too many.