What are the Three Principles and why do I believe they are important?


The principles were first described by a Scottish welder, Sydney Banks, in 1973 as the three key factors which interact to form people’s psychological experience. These three principles are the Universal Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Sydney had an enlightenment experience while attending a marriage seminar, discouraged with the process he and his wife were preparing to leave the seminar. One of the therapists responded to him describing himself as an insecure mess by saying: “I've never heard such nonsense in all my life.”

What I heard was: there’s no such thing as insecurity, it’s only Thought. All my insecurity was only my own thoughts! It was like a bomb going off in my head … It was so enlightening! It was unbelievable … [And after that,] there was such beauty coming into my life.

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Principle 1 -  Mind

I first came across the principles when my kinesiologist Angela Hardy introduced me to the work of Michael Neill, and here they are as best described in his own words:

“You know the eastern philosophers say: “big Mind, little mind”. And here’s the paradox. The little mind is the ego mind, that’s the self-centered “me” the big hotshot, the only thing in the world worth looking at in the mirror, is me.

The big Mind is the Divine Mind-the Universal Mind, which is the intelligence of literally all things in this world or any other world. That’s the Mind you should be looking for. That’s the Mind that has the power to guide you through life, and if you can see that, life becomes simple and you’ll find your happiness. Cause happiness is inside, honestly…it’s inside.”

Principle 2- Consciousness

“Consciousness gives us the ability to realize the existence of life. Consciousness has infinite amount of levels; you will never come to the end of Consciousness. It is literally impossible, because Consciousness is infinite-there is no end. And that’s a beautiful thing to know, because it means to

say there is no end of you finding beauty, love and understanding in this world. You’re not going to stagnate, you’re going to keep growing, and the secret to growing is not to try.

The secret to happiness is not to go out there and try and find it, because happiness is not out there. Happiness lies within the consciousness of every human being if you can take your mind, clear it, become healthy, and see what you’ve got. Because you all have within you a divine secret, that all the wise, from the beginning of time have been trying to tell the world. You have it. That’s why the great mystics of the world tell you to look within, because what you seek is inside.”

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Principle 3 - Thought

“Remember-and this is very important-you’re only one thought away from happiness, you’re only one thought away from sadness. The secret lies in Thought. It’s the missing link that everybody in this world is looking for."

We worry over nothing. How many times have you worried, and you look back in your life and say, “I don’t know why I ever worried about that,” or you’re in a big tantrum and you’re mad at the world or you’re mad at your spouse and three days later, you can’t remember why you were mad – because all it was thought and you forgot what the thought was. The past is now, it’s history, it’s an illusion in time and if you’re going to work from that illusion in time, you’re going to keep it going, there’s no end to it.

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To forgive is to forget, so you have to forget the past to forgive. Once you do that, you’ll find your freedom. But again I’m going to say to you, you don’t just do that to other people. When you look in the mirror, you see an innocent person. And I know sometimes you might look in the mirror and say, “Innocent my foot.” Because you don’t like what you see.

Why don’t you like what you see? Because of your thoughts, we’re back to that again. It’s always Thought, the missing link called Divine Thought. It’s a gift that we were given to have the freedom to walk through life and see what we want to see. How much better than that can you get? That you have the freedom to walk through life and see as a free thinker, that is the greatest gift ever, to be a free thinker.

Now this doesn’t give you the permission to act on your thoughts because then again, you have the freedom to have a thought to put life into it or let it die. I might have the thought all of a sudden, “Ooh, I’d love to have more money, I’m going to rob this bank,” but if I don’t do anything about it, I haven’t done anybody any harm. It’s only when I put life into my thoughts. But if I have the thought, “I’d like to help those people,” so I put life into this thought, and the second this life goes into this thought, my actions start, and I go out and I help people because you put life into your thoughts. It’s all Thought.”

Touch for Health Balance by Dr. John Thie