How do bookings work?

1. Pay for the session/s.

Let me have one session and I can fix whatever ails you in that moment. Let me have ten and I can begin to steer you towards living the life of your dreams. Let me have fifteen sessions with you and I will help you change your life forever. Each session is one hour long.

R300    -  1 session

R2500  - 10 sessions

R3900  - 15 sessions


Please be aware that I don’t have card facilities, you can do an EFT or bring cash with you.

Bank account details: 

Bank: Capitec Bank

Account Number: 1256839475

Branch: Hemingways

Type: Savings

Branch Code: 470 010

Please forward proof of payment to

2. Booking a session or sessions. 

I am available for one on one session in person, or online via Zoom.

I operate from Home in Glen Navar, East London, or I can come to your home/location.

Make your booking online by clicking the button at the top of the page or contact me in person at

Callie Knickelbein

+27 76 179 0853

3. Complete the intake form


Please complete the intake form and e-mail it to Callie at 

before your session.

4. Our sessions begin.

Together we can get a lot done. And you have what you need, we just have to unwrap the gift you are to the world.

5. We stay in the conversation.

What else? It is very powerful feedback for me to see how your story unfolds. And if you would like, when you are ready with another issue to discuss we can set up further sessions.

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How do online sessions work?

Online sessions feel remarkably similar to in-person balances.  The only difference is that I muscle test on your behalf.  I get the same insights and information as if you are in the room with me. 


After we have discussed what is bothering you, I’ll begin to do muscle testing to explore the issues in greater detail and at a subconscious level.  Then I do whatever corrections show up as being needed. Once the balance is completed, I will send you feedback on the session.

How many appointments will I need?

I think it is important to say outright that it is rare to achieve a miracle, quick fix, to any health issue. How long it takes for you to feel better really depends on how deeply ingrained your problem is, what stage you are at in the healing process and how ready you are to make changes in your life. Some people can experience huge results after just one session, but for the majority it takes time. Each person and each situation is different.