Hi, My name is Callie (Carol) Knickelbein

Compassionate Healer

Compelling Visionary

Joyful, Inspired and 

Creative Communicator


I feel one of my life’s purposes is to make use of my nurturing and healing gifts to serve myself and others in a joyful and accepting way. I believe that everyone is a unique and wonderful gift to the world, and what that gift is has just gotten lost under all the wrapping they have covered themselves with over time. These wrappings, while exceptionally beautiful and shiny making us really want to keep them, have been received by us from various sources and people we encounter across our lifetime; they all do the same thing - serve to keep us hidden away.


Clint & Callie


Who knew I would ever find the man of my dreams, who turned out to be nothing that I thought I wanted, but instead everything that I needed.

Most people decide on a career path, go to an education facility, find gainful employment in said field and begin building a career. Not me! I studied Fashion Design, worked in retail for a good couple of years, seven days a week and sometimes up to 12 hours a day. With work comprising most of my life, I decided it was time for a change and weekends off to socialize and have a personal life.

 I went back to school to study engineering and worked as a Geotechnical Engineer for roughly 12 years until the industry collapsed. My marching orders from corporate arrived and it was time to dive into my compassionate skills. If I only had a hundred bucks for every time someone told me: “You are such a good listener and you give really good advice, you should have become a therapist!” I would have made good money by now, and that is how I arrived at the door of Kinesiology.

I made some poor choices in my relationships because I had no idea who I was, where I belonged or why I am on this planet. Never mind how strong, kick-ass awesome and worthy I am. In my early twenties I was totally obsessed with one boy, I would have done anything to impress him and get him interested in me. When we finally started dating, I was head over heels in love and he was absent, verbally abusive and most of our time together was spent in a drunken haze. By the end of the relationship I had no money left and pitiful little self-esteem. I somehow managed to dig deep and found the courage to tell him it was over; his response was to threaten to kill me.

I moved on, with the belief that I put this relationship behind me and would focus on my career from now on. But I just ended up making the same poor choices in relationships. I had learnt very little about myself, I believed that this is just how life was going to be and that I was stuck with a bad relationship gene.

My Dad died when I was in my teens and my 15-year-old underdeveloped, teenage brain made up its mind that being in a relationship hurts. If I loved someone too much they would eventually leave. My traumatized brain decided that what was happening in my environment; my dad dying; my Mom never dating again, taking responsibility for my family – meant that I shouldn’t love and that I wasn’t worth love. This belief shaped all my relationships.

The last guy I lived with in my mid-thirties threatened to shoot both of us while he was high on recreational drugs. I had become so numbed to my emotions, I didn’t even care. I was drinking tablets to stay awake during the day and more to help me sleep at night. Finally, he was gone but the memories and trauma of the screaming, shouting, violence, and the drinking remained. Again I somehow found the courage and a semblance of self-worth to decide that I deserved better! I knew in the very depths of my being that there had to be more! There had to be someone who could love me and treat me with dignity and respect! But I just had to do it for myself first!

When a close friend of mine committed suicide I found myself wondering - is this it? Is this what life is meant to be, was this how I was supposed to adult? Working non-stop at a life sucking job that I no longer found any joy in. Being with someone for the sake of having a relationship and not being alone at night when the world got still. One day just rolling into the next, endlessly. So began the journey to finding my true self.

I went back to school at 36 to study Engineering. Besides studying, being a student would provide me with an opportunity to recreate my lost childhood. The day my dad died and I unconsciously made the decision that I was now the breadwinner and caretaker of the family so I spent the rest of my teens, 20’s and early 30’s trying to fill my dad’s shoes.

I worked with a Therapist, who was the first person to ever hear the pain behind the words that I spoke. I had become very skilled at hiding the torment and hurt behind a face plastered with a smile and veiled sarcasm. I had built impenetrable castle walls around myself to protect me from anyone who could potentially hurt m. At the time I did not realize these walls were also keeping my gift and destiny locked up.

Then I met a Soul Coach and I just absorbed every self-help book out there like a dried-up sponge absorbs water. Even while spending all this time with these wonderful souls, I still did not understand why thing s weren’t changing for me.  If I was doing the work, why was I still making the same poor and destructive choices? Why was my life still such a mess and why did I have to battle to get ahead in my career? Why was I still having the same arguments with the same people?

Enter stage left, my Kinesiologist, Angela Hardy from Cloud 9 who taught me and helped me to finally realize that we have sabotages within our subconscious that dictate our behaviour and the choices we make. Working with her to release the limiting belief systems, my life moved forward at an exponential pace. I learnt so much about myself, the mind body connection, the world we live in and I fell head over heels in love with it all.

I found within me the self-confidence to create a property company, which earns me enough passive income so that I can pursue my dreams. I found the courage to get married at 47 years of age and share my life with a man who absolutely loves me unconditionally. Clint respects my intelligence, he is my best friend and we share our dreams and adventures.

I have had many breakthroughs in the last 15 years, which I strongly believe have shaped me into the amazing human being I am today.

Living in Glen Navar with the ocean on my doorstep I can lie awake at night and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks, walk my dog on the beach every morning and know that the peace and tranquility that surrounds me is a mirror of the peace and tranquility that now lives within my heart.

Heading 3

 I have one driving question:

What is my purpose?


This question has evolved over time and more recently I have found myself asking:

How can I make my mark as a Compassionate Healer,

a Compelling Visionary and

a Joyful Inspired

and Creative Communicator?

I have also begun to asking:

How may I serve my way

to greatness today?



Beach Meditation

I want to honor Carol today, we worked together about a year ago.

Carol, it has been my sweet pleasure to get to know you, and working with you. You are so engaged and engaging, so fascinated to learn and so fearless in growing and developing your inner self. Your dedication to loving yourself and your life is an inspiration to me and to everyone you meet, and I want to honour you for that today. Your sparkle, your quickness, your intelligence and your courage are a thing of beauty. You have connected with the goddess within, never let her go.


Angela Hardy

Image by Brooke Cagle

Since working with Callie, I found a job that did not pay much but the satisfaction was great. I started caring for other people and with the caring came caring for me. This was a healthy healing time and with the help of Callie I went from a person who gave up on life to a carer who was able to teach her terminal cancer how to knit again. To add quality to her life, to love and laugh with her.

I still need to assure myself every day, but I have been able to see the good in me with Callie’s help. I am not afraid to say I am a good person and I need to be loved. Thank you, Callie.

Suretha N

Friends at the Beach

Callie is a quirky, inquisitive and caring soul! She was referred to me by a friend to rework her website, we connected instantly during our first phone call. As a Kinesiologist and Transformation Life Coach we have allot in common working in the personal growth arena. It has been a pleasure and a blessing working with Callie, I appreciate her open-mindedness and willingness to teach!  We have learned so much from each other; about ourselves, different perspectives and belief systems, techniques, wisdom and our shared passion for seeing people healed and whole. I have called been “dyslexic” and have memory & speech issues, which can cause allot of embarrassment. Callie helped me significantly with balances and exercises to help my brain work together as a whole. After many years of constant high stress my brain had “fragmented” and the different parts of my brain were no longer working together optimally. It has been improving in leaps and bounds! I’m so grateful!

 Audette Jooste