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-The world is waiting for you to unwrap the gift that you are. -

Hi there! My name is Callie.

I am you;

I have experienced what you experience.

The only difference is that it is from my viewpoint and because I have been where you find yourself now, I can only say that our time

together will be held together by

love, compassion and non-judgement.

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Ask yourself these Questions

What do you want?

What is holding you back?

What do you need to change?

At some point in their life, people often consider issues such as life purpose, loss of youth, mortality, their legacy, and their sense of accomplishment and physical adequacy. Experiencing a crisis in life can feel traumatic, and this may even lead to traumatic experiences and in a time of transition and change this may spur a crisis of identity.

How can I help you?

Ever had a conversation with that voice in your head, you know the one. Yes, that one that is telling you right now that you do not have a voice inside your head. We all have different ones, some sound like your worst critic, some like your wickedest enemy. Some make the most unheard-of demands, insisting that you do “fill in the blank” immediately otherwise your very existence as you know it will crumble. Sometimes they act like your best friend and give you the best advice ever. Sometimes they are really loud and then there are the voices that whisper. It is the voice that says to you, regularly, “The time has come for a change.  There is more to life than this, there has to be.” It is the same voice that asks, “What am I here for?”

I will teach you how to work with the voice in your head so that you can live an inspired and successful life. Life should be full and meaningful, with abundant opportunities for growth, success, and happiness. But instead, we’re faced with burdening constraints that lock us down… like deadlines, never-ending to do lists, low energy levels, and the expectations of others.

You probably feel that life is meant for more than just being stuck struggling with the same problems over and over again. I know the frustration of feeling like a slave to your circumstances. Or being constrained and insecure in your ability. I know what it’s like to never have enough time, energy or motivation to break free.

Human beings have a tendency to focus on the negative first. But the truth is, you will always have challenges of some sort. It’s called life! You decide whether they become your limitations or your boundaries so you can begin to expand them.

What will this mean for you?

If you are finally ready to answer that call to change, to move beyond your limitations and live the best life you can, then contact me and together we can explore the path that lays before.

I will act as your guide, lovingly pointing out where the broken branches are for you to pull yourself further up the path with, using the footsteps of those who have walked before leaving a trail to help make your way easier to navigate. I can take you, by the hand and show you, I can help you end the struggle with yourself.


To discover who you really are, you must go beyond

who you think you are.

-Deepak Chopra-

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Once a week for 40 minutes we will get together via zoom to chat about how thought works. Together we will have a conversation and if you would like, you can ask me whatever questions you wish to hear answered.

Thanks for joining us!